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  • "Our Windermere Realtor was truly excellent. He went above & beyond to answer our questions & meet our needs. He cared for us and our home-buying experience as if we were buying a $2 million dollar estate."
  • "Our Windermere Realtor was very professional as well as personable. He made buying from a long distance easy and always stayed in touch."
    Ronald & Teresa
  • "My Windermere Realtor was a lot of fun to work with. She was both patient and professional with us. She personally met the contractors we chose and stayed on top of the transaction."
    Lynn and Ken
  • "My Windermere Realtor did a great job, before during and after the sale. I would recommend him to everyone."
  • "Our Windermere Realtor was always upbeat. He took very good care of us and communicated frequently. We would easily recommend him to our friends."
    Dan and Darby
  • "My Windermere Realtor absolutely went beyond the extra mile. He provided a wealth of local information that allowed me to make the best choice in the land that I bought."
  • "Our Windermere Realtor really listened to us and helped us figure out what we wanted! She was patient and professional."
  • "Our Windermere Realtors were great with communication and follow-up. As a team, they did an awesome job and exceeded our expectations!"
    Sarah and Josh
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