It is in your best interest …

You may create an Agency relationship with any agent you wish, but you will find it in your own best interest to select one agent with whom you have established trust, confidence and rapport.

Interview your prospective agent. Ask her or him questions and establish in your mind that this person is listening to you and makes your best interests a priority. There is nothing complicated about selecting an agent, you just need to feel good about them. Are they competent? Do they show a caring attitude? What is their past sales experience and record?

Here are some facts that you should be aware of regardless who you choose to represent you:

FACT     Real Estate Agents are compensated for their work by commission paid by the seller in most all cases.

FACT     All agents have access to the same information about properties, through the multiple listing service. How they interpret or understand it is another matter.

FACT     All agents work hardest for clients that are not working with another agent.

Once you have selected your agent, enter into an agency relationship and be true and loyal to him or her. You are asking them to commit their time and energy to your interest. They deserve your trust, confidence, honesty and loyalty in return. For most people, the largest investment that they make in their lifetime is their home. Therefore it is wise to be represented when you make and offer on property. You would not go into a court of law without representation, so should you not go into purchasing real property without doing the same. The legal ramification and pitfalls can be just as costly to you.

But, it should also be a fun time for you. Picking and choosing the ‘perfect home’, whether it is your first home or whether you are rebuying. Looking at property can be fun, so do it with someone who wants to make it a pleasant experience for you. Finally, work with an agent that will sell you the house you want . . . not the house they want you to buy.